Obama Ad Says McCain Can't Use A Computer

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  1. Apparently Obama has a new ad out that simply makes the point that McCain can't use a computer.

    Guess what? Obama can't land a fighter plane on a carrier at night.
  2. Neither can McCain. How many did he crash again? :D
  3. Hell McCain says he can't use a computer (and no, it's not because of some ridiculous "war wound" story, he says he's going to try this new Internet thing that the kids are all raving about.)

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  4. Lucrum


    He was shot down, he ejected.
  5. Umm... the fifth time, yes. First time he crashed was "pilot error", second accident he hit a power line (but managed to make it back), third accident (crash) was "engine failure" where the report found no engine failure, but was rewritten two weeks after issue, fourth was his plane exploding when it was hit with a missile from another US plane while parked and fifth he flew for 20 hours over Vietnam before being shot down.

    I've never heard of any other pilot, except this son of an admiral, getting five shots at flying.
  6. note: John McCain was a BOMBER pilot, not fighter pilot.
  7. Well, could NObama land a bomber on a carrier at night? NOOOO!
  8. TGregg


    You gotta figure he'd prefer to bomb the carrier at night - if it were a USS, anyway.
  9. Does the POTUS need to land a bomber on a carrier at night? No.
  10. This is just vile.
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