Obama absent during mid east crisis

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  1. Where is the leadership?

    He certainly has a lot to say about other policies of his but is hiding under his bed for one he can't attach a cliche to.
  2. bush is absent too. he is on vacation again.
  3. How many different ways can it be said: "Let the bombs fly"
  4. He said a long time ago everything that needs to be said:
    "if rockets were being fired at his home while his two daughters were sleeping, he would do everything he could to prevent it" Barack Obama.

    Sometimes the best action is inaction, his message is clear, he is letting Israel take care of business and teach Islamists and terrorists a lesson or two. Good move if you ask me, come January 22 it will make his job a lot easier.
  5. Oh this is great.

    We have the brutally honest vhehn admitting that Obama is absent but he also would like to compare Obama to Bush by saying Bush is absent as well. Vhehn you don't know how bad that makes Obama look but I appreciate your honesty. There is nothing funnier than an honest liberal.

    On the other hand we have the lie till ya die chicken shit elite liberal Mr. a person proclaiming that Obama has said everything he needs to say because he made a sentence long statement. Maybe if Obama puts a couple more slogans and statements together he will be able to fix world peace, universal healthcare and global warming. So Mr. a person do leaders hide away for months on hand giving only small statements or do they actually participate and lead the conversation day in and day out.

    We have one liberal saying Obama is indeed absent. We have another saying he has been perfect thus far. I don't know if 20 professional comedians could make this funnier than it already is.
  6. It probably depends on what side of the I/P conflict the person is in. The pro-Hamas side wants Obama to speak up, somehow thinking (without a single reason) that he is going to rebuke Israel. The pro-Israel side is quite happy with silent Obama. We'd really be happy if the rest of the world shut the fuck up too for a couple of weeks and forget about the Middle East giving Israel enough time to finish the job, finish Hamas off and get back to peace negotiations with Abbas and Syria.
  7. It probably depends on whether your honest about your views of Obama or not.

    I in no way can believe you when you say your happy with Obama being silent these past weeks and months.

    Basically whatever Obama does or doesn't do you are happy with.
  8. Excellent point.
  9. I am not Obama's fan, he was the only democrat I was not willing to vote for and I did not (I did not vote for McCain either)

    Having said that so far I am quite impressed with the guy and yes, that does include his silence on the situation in the Middle East. They are diplomats, they have their own language. When Obama does not come out and demand (or even suggest) an immediate ceasefire (unlike Brown, Solana, UN assholes and other clowns) the people who matter get his silent message loud and clear.

    PS Thanks Landis
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    I'm certainly no Obama fan but to his defense on this issue. He hasn't even been sworn in yet. Until he has been I can't think of anything he can do and very little he could say that would really accomplish anything.

    For that matter sitting US presidents have been talking, brokering and negotiating for decades. And yet they're fighting with each other again.
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