Obama a poster child of affirmative action?

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  1. I find it amazing that a guy who went to Harvard Law continously uses the teleprompter and completely looses his cool/mind when it goes off and he has to speak from his head.

    could Obama get into Harvard law without affirmative action?
  2. This from a "road" scholar.
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    An ox off road.
  4. Outstanding. After my first post pointing out your "loosed," you attempted to correct it during the 30-minute editing window. The good news is that you changed it. Yes, indeed, you edited it. The bad news is that it remains wrong. And you're judging someone else?
  5. judging?
    my post ended with ?
  6. Yes, judging. Implied, perhaps, but definitely judging. So cut the act. As an aside, you seem to ease into the role of playing dumb quite effortlessly.
  7. why stop short, call me a racist already. if you are going to hold the highest office, judging and critique comes with the territory
  8. No thanks. I'm just fine with calling you a doofus. But if you feel that you're up to multi-tasking...
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    Spelling Nazi

    A spelling Nazi is a member of a forum who constantly points out minor spelling errors, grammatical errors and typos in other members' posts. Spelling Nazis are sometimes referred to as grammar fascists.

    The appearance of a spelling Nazi is highly correlated with the propensity for being on the losing end of arguments.

    Trolls occasionally use the spelling Nazi strategy to troll, but only if they went to school or have a spelling checker.
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