Obama a one term President, Really?

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  1. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    dude, do you even understand WHY foreclosures have dropped so much? you really need to read up on the subject just a bit before you go touting this as an obama success.

    it's more a attorneys general success against banks with improper documentation that halted foreclosure in many states - but the root problem is still out there. people cant and arent paying their mortgages. obama has absolutely nothing at all to do with it.

    once the moratorium stops, foreclosures will restart.

  2. Exactly.
  3. Tsing and 666, you might both actually be right. But, you vastly overestimate the electorate.

    You assume that they will read. You assume they will ponder, and evaluate.

    Nope, this number will be used in this cycle, and why it happened is unimportant, Obama was the sitting president.
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    moratorium to be lifted in late 2012

  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    theres no question i am right. i can show you 100 articles on the topic. and it's been mainstream news as well for quite some time.

    you wont even see one blip on his approval rate from this. not to mention the fact that by the time the election comes around, most of this will have shaken out.
  6. It's 2011. Presidential elections are like the NFL. Two minutes in the fourth quarter are an eternity. We are presently in the third quarter, if that tells you anything.
  7. Yup...factual misrepresentations, lies and uninformed sheeple are Obama's best chance.
  8. They are any president's best chance, 666.
  9. I think the idea that the government is intervening and leaning on banks to forgive a portion of the principle of people who are in default, but no one else, will be enormously unpopular. Most voters will see it as rewarding the irresponsible at the expense of those who sacrificed to pay their bills.

    Provided of course, the republicans can actually make that argument, which is doubtful. They are too timid and afraid of being labelled "mean" by the media.

    The other objection is that the democrats are forcing this through under the guise of litigation instead of actually passing legislation. This is a tactic liberals abuse routinely to get things they couldn't get through the democratic process.
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