Obama, a Jew?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by arealpissedgoy, Jul 26, 2008.

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  2. Not necessarily. Perhaps he just wanted to spit in the face of filthy antisemitic scum like you.
  3. so what is he? He says he's Christian and believes in Jesus.

    You keep on posting that you have proof he is a moslem.

    And now here it is quite apparent he is a devout Jew.

    All I can say is, Americans are going to get fucked even worse than Bush has fucked them.

    With a choice between McBush and a Jew pretending to be a christian, Osama/Obama, God help them.
  4. W4rl0ck


    He's black AND white.

    He's Muslim and Christian and Jewish.

    He's a peace loving socialist liberal that wants to attack Iran and Pakistan.

    He's all things to all people.

    What do you want him to be? He can do it. Yes he can.

    He's Abdul Obamawitz.

  5. He visited a Jewish holy site - the wailing wall.

    He wore the traditional Jewish cap, as many dignitaries do while placing a prayer into the wall.

    The only problem is that you are obviously ignorant of things like this.

    I would never vote Obama, but you need a serious knowledge-lift.
  6. Obama is where he is becuase of his elite bloodline. Royalty and bloodlines is how the world works.

    Do ya think they hand over control of a trillion dollar war machine to just anyone??

    Israel runs america and that's a fact. He who controls the media contols the population. Now you know why an invading army, the first thing they do is take over the radio and tv stations. It's how you control people.

    Warfare 101.

    Run a google image search for: McCain + AIPAC,
    or Clinton + AIPAC,
    or bush + AIPAC. That's who they are working for.

    Face it, your two "choices" are not even choices you have NO choice of who has control. The elites will pick their man, voting is just a charade
  7. You Have No Choice - You Have Owners:

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    >It's Called the American Dream Because You Have To Be Asleep to Believe It<

  8. What "blood line" are you referring to? He looks like a black Ethopian Jew.

    Yeah, I know his mother was white, but let's face reality. When someone looks black, he's called black.

    All the bull shit that was piling up against him now makes sense. They were pretty much telling him how powerful they were and that they control everything that is printed.

    I expect everything negative printed against him will be quiet now.