Obama: 4 Years And 47 Failures

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    The Record: Big media and left-leaning pundits are engaged in an effort to revise the history of Barack Obama's four years in the Oval Office. But the facts are clear: Obama is the biggest presidential failure in modern history.

    Obama is unique among presidents in large part because he fails to even recognize his deficiencies and mistakes — or when he does, he learns the wrong lessons and doubles down on his policies.

    Whether it's food stamp rolls that have swollen to 47 million, or the decline in household income that has left millions more with a lower standard of living, or the diminution of esteem for America around the world, Obama's time in office has been subpar.

    A by-no-means-exhaustive list of President Obama's deficient results follows. In four short years, he has:

    Produced an anemic recovery.
    Created a large pool of unemployed.
    Vastly expanded the disability rolls.
    Created a food stamp nation.
    Massively increased regulations.
    Hammered the middle class.
    Created business uncertainty.
    Not lived up to the promises of transparency.
    Increased the debt by 50%.
    Pushed ObamaCare.
    Driven up health care premiums.
    Left minorities worse off.
    Doubled down on the housing debacle.
    Exploded spending and the deficit.
    Watched college costs surge
    Done nothing as crime has spiked.
    Showed a lack of interest in his job.
    Blocked badly needed energy development.
    Killed the Keystone XL pipeline.
    Wasted billions on "green energy" jobs.
    Waged a war on coal.
    Limited oil and gas exploration.
    Doubled gasoline prices by restricting supply.
    Restricted drilling permits.
    Gutted our defense budget.
    Scrapped or cut badly needed weapons systems.
    Given away missile defense to appease Russia.
    Downsized the military.
    Mishandled the "Arab Spring."
    Ignored the rise of China.
    Weakened ties with Israel.
    Shrunk our nuclear arsenal.
    Surrendered U.S. sovereignty.
    Fumbled the pullout from Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Lessened respect for the U.S. around the world.
    Bailed out the auto industry and auto unions.
    Singled out companies for politicized attacks.
    Appointed unaccountable "czars."
    Done nothing about Fast and Furious gunrunning.
    Politicized the Justice Department.
    Scrapped our space program.
    Not defended Americans abroad.
    Rebooted rules that caused the subprime crisis.
    Mainstreamed the radical Muslim agenda.
    Pushed stimulus and TARP.

    Quite a list, isn't it? In fact, we had to cut some things out for space considerations. No doubt, you can think of others. Suffice to say, Obama has not done his job well — and, as we say elsewhere, it's time for a change.