Obama = 1 Trillion dollar deficit

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Joab, Jun 30, 2008.

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  2. What did W do for our deficits and national debt level?
  3. RON PAUL..:D
  4. This election is about the future and thus about Obama and McCain.

    It is not about George W. Bush.

  5. I think his point was that the traditional argument of Republications versus Democrats regarding fiscal conservatism isn't valid.

    I'm with ChaosNSX; I'm waiting for Ron Paul to announce.
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    Time for democrats to repair US again for next 8 years and then some Republican a-hole will screw things all over again and the 'great american cycle' goes on. :D
  7. To announce what?

    Ron's done...

    We need a new party - The Constitutionalists...
  8. Bah, Libertarian all the way Baby!
  9. Yeah, I get the point, but it's Obama McCain now.

  10. If a president is going to piss away 3 trillion dollars (estimated cost of Iraq War by Nobel Laureate Economist), at least spend the money TO REPAIR U.S. CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE to give me smooth roads, good public schools, and lower my f$!%king property taxes while you're at it!

    McCain = more of the same. Using U.S. taxpayer money on non-U.S. interests.
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