Obama: $1 trillion deficits 'for years'

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  1. This has to be stopped!

    "No earmarks", He says. Ha! They can't even find enough projects to spend the 1st trillion. This type of spending means every Governor and Mayor will get every project they could ever dream of.

    WW2 gets credit for ending the depression. Seems like the solution is to buy tanks & Planes, not bridges.

    We need to put most of that money into rebuilding military. This will keep factories running.

    Once the exchanges start trading derivates this credit tightness may ease by the end of the year. So, Obama cool it!
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    It's too late. The US is like the Titanic. Nothing but the stern is above the water line, and of course that's not for much longer.
  3. Obama has an excuse to spend, build the public sector, give away public sector jobs and welfare to his Democrat party faithful voters... and that is what he is about...
  4. Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Unfortunately, not many here on ET have any understanding of the US being the Titanic right now.

    Remember all of those threads bashing "Helicopter Ben" in early 2008, and how we should be raising rates in order to defend the dollar?

  5. If there is as big of a commitment to Afghanistan as professed by the President elect, ( with Pakistan as the end game ) then there will be indeed a huge "re-set" of the military, on top of several huge platforms that need to be addressed such as the KC-135 tanker fleet, which on average is 45 years old.
  6. Landis is an idiot.

    Obama plans on reducing military spending.

    Landis must live in a cave.
  7. Obama has only talked about pouring cement. Not a single word about funding weapons systems.

    He would tick off the godless, commie left if he mentioned anything about more defense spending.

    Lets hope Obama continues to follow the rest of Bush policies and increases defense spending.
  8. Well, since the current administration has spent trillions on mindless invasions, and mr. obama would like to spend money on rebuilding America, just makes one wonder.

    Try to get past the our guy is god, other guy is devil, attitude. Try being optimistic, but more so, realistic. We are gravely in debt, and we will be that way until the US faces facts and de-leverages, cuts reliance on foreign oil and trade imbalances, and basically cures the ills from within. The socialist bail out is crap, no matter what side of the aisle you're on. But, it's done, now we have to move forward and try to make the best use of the money.

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