obam gets to claim 1 net new job

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Index piker, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. I'm throwing in the towel 7/12/10 and will become a new hire.

    My status will change from self-employed to full time employee with minimal self employment on the side.

    With the rising marginal rates, health care reform, taxpayer support of unions, financial regulation reform, cap n tax,mandatory overbloated public pensions the myriad plans of peelosi , BO and company it's no longer a beneficial risk/reward scenario.

    This president has not missed one opportunity to stand against economic freedom and the average income tax paying citizen since being elected to office by benefit of a financial crisis he and his cronies created.

    The sad part is that putz obama, will get credited for creating a job according to the BLS.

    While the job creation is a complete fiction in terms of GDP growth.