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  1. Shagi


    Buy Oats Now - Flying to the moon in the next 4 days:D
  2. Eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and trade corn or soybeans instead. :cool:
  3. Shagi


    Yeh - its gonna fly higher than em all other grains -

    I know what you mean its a thin market -:D
  4. Great call Shagi, oats are gonna fly. Extremely undervalued compared to corn
  5. Shagi


    The real move is now underway and also wheat should move much higher than beans:D
  6. caroy


    Now with Wheat back down under $6 in the Sep can we call the rally officially dead? I've heard some other rumblings about wheat going sky high soon? any thoughts?
  7. 1) Wheat....."in the teens"?
    2) Wheat seems to make a decently, well-defined, seasonal bottom in August. Wait until then before getting too excited about the long-side of the market. :cool:
  8. xednise


    time check 2:14.00
  9. There is a thread in the ag forums with some articles about a wheat disease (ug99 I believe) wheat would catch a hell of a bid if that happened obviously. Picked up some coin on oat:corn today, corn should see more weakness throughout the summer.
  10. Diseased crops tend to be bearish because nobody wants to get caught "long" with the "tainted commodity". :confused:
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