Oanda's MetaTrader 4 24/365 data feed

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  1. Oanda's FXTrade is able to be used to trade fx pairs 24/365 a year
    when Oanda release their MetaTrader 4 platform it will be set up for 24/365 trading -
    the data feed will be continuous, no weekend downtime

    what this means for charts is that there will be large spaces between price bars of
    the various minutes timeframes, a Saturday gap on the Daily if no trades are made
    and extra price bars added to charts prior to the 'regular trading hours' open
    the 24/365 data feed will change chart geometry and the alignment of any line tools
    being used such as trendlines, channels, fans; as well any time targets methods
    being used will see the targets change.

    personally I don't want the 24/365 feed and I emailed Oanda asking if they'd provide
    2 data feeds for their MT4, one with the 24/365 and one with the regular trading hours

    in my 12 months trading experience with Oanda, some trading begins on Sunday's
    as early as 10am PST, regular MT4 trading hours begin at 3pm PST
    the earliest I've seen trading activity on FXTrade charts is the Saturday morning of the
    Greek debt financing weekend - May 7-10/10

    there's no question the additional hours are tradeable, last weekend for instance the
    price went as high as 1.3417 at Oanda then declined, so the gap open didn't exist
    with Oanda, only with rth MT4s

    if you're concerned about Oanda's MetaTrader 4 ' 24/365 data feed ' - email them to:
  2. omnpmh


    ugly chart with gaps and spikes.
  3. useless charts for me, but Gann chartists might like them
  4. There are no gaps. MBT also provides weekend data.

    That's how forex is in comparison to that bucketshop firms like Allpari FX(fu)C(kthe)M and so on. It's the other way around. Without weekend data then there are gaps in the chart.

    The best thing about weekend availability is that you can react to weekend world events, even more important if you have an open position over weekend and a war or something else suddenly starts, e.g Iraq.