Oanda's campaign against Marketiva

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by gramercy, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. gramercy


    It is obvious that an ugly negative campaign against Marketiva has been started on Oanda's forum. Some older forum posts indicate Oanda started with this dishonest campaign several months ago, just it wasn't that obvious like it is now.

    You can read an article on several forums about posts that were censored on Oanda's forum and an entire thread that was deleted from there.

    The words used to describe Marketiva on the Oanda forum were:

    scammer, leeches, cockroaches, scam, they suck, low life, identity fraud scam, spammer, rogue, cheat, fake, useless, lousy, they are asians, asian outfit, they speak engrish.
  2. and yr point is??
  3. traderob


    If you want to advertise on ET write to Baron for information.
  4. bl33p


    You should make a distinction between Oanda, it's message board and individual people who post on that board without any connection to Oanda.

    That said, it is interesting to note this creeping up after it was demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that all 3 addresses that Marketiva gives out are nothing more than mail drops or not even that. That thread has however been deleted from Oanda message board.

    Marketiva's Canadian address is the address of the company from whom they buy their server hosting! LOL!

    Their Switzerland address is a mail drop!

    Their British Virgin Islands address is a mail drop for a legal services company that specializes in company formation to create tax avoid...oops planning schemes.

    Please turn on your brains and think what all this means. But don't believe hearsay, investigate it all yourself.
  5. gramercy


    Please do not pretend as being a regular forum participant. You just act better, and that is all.

    There are two posts at talkgold dot com forum:


    That say very clearly how the campaign is connected with Oanda.

    There is no point in discussing with you anything, as you will always find something to disqualify the other party in the discussion.
  6. bl33p


    I don't have to pretend to be just a regular forum participant because I am just that.

    Like I wrote, please everybody do your own due diligence on Marketiva and see what the results are. Get the real facts and decide what it spells out.

    Get Marketiva's claimed addresses, cut and paste them into Google or other search engine, see what comes up.

    If you're one of the few lucky ones who actually physically are near these locations, go and see if you can find a real physical operating Marketiva office at these addresses.

    I urge you all, do this.

    This doesn't have to do anything with Oanda except for the fact that these claimed facts about Marketiva were first found out and published on that forum.
  7. gramercy


    Staff member from Oanda posted that Marketiva is bunch of thieves. How do you call that?

    The following page you refer to:


    Specifically says that these are not offices. "Registered office" means address of a lawyer where legal communication is received.

    Besides, Marketiva states that it is a fully electronic company. There are no offices, no papers, no faxes, no copiers, no phones. It is simply all electronic.

    It is the most advanced and automated forex dealer today. The operating costs for Marketiva's operations are many times smaller than any other forex dealer in the world.

    In one sentence: totally automated electronic company.

    What do you think; is that possible? or is it again fake, virtual, scam?
  8. gramercy


    You have just proved on MoneyTec forum that you work for OANDA.

    You are a really good liar. I almost believed you.

    This is just damage control...

    Same on the MoneyTec forum. You are sad...

    (at least you can't censor here like you did on Oanda forum)
  9. bl33p


    You have paranoid delusions.

    I have not seen anywhere a staff member of Oanda posting this or that about Marketiva so naturally I cannot have an opinion about such a thing. I only have your accusations of such. You making such (most possibly untrue) accusations does not make them true.

    Quite on the contrary, it reflects pretty badly on you.

    I urge everybody, do not believe what message board flooders say, do your own diligence on this thing. Would you trust a company that claims their webhoster as their own "network centre". Or who invites communications into post boxes and mail drops in various parts of the world, where they actually have no real physical presence.

    It's not all bad though, British Virgin Islands were removed from OECD's list of uncooperative tax havens in 2002. So in case of any trouble, a small glimmer of hope might remain.
  10. which liquidity providers do you have agreements with? i mean real agreements, not a couple of personal or omnibus accounts opened with a real fx broker just in case, to offset your prop positions when things go bad?? anything you could PUBLISH on your website? perhaps THAT would give you a little more credibility
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