OANDA's 15 pip cable spread

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by notouch, Jul 10, 2006.

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    and of course you're mr big shot. I retract my statement and bow down to you.
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  2. thank you, that is what i was looking for. :D
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  3. One of my accounts is 5k.. doesn't mean the total is... anyway, kind of the response i expected from this forum hence the reasons i can't be bothering posting half the time. Who knows who you are or what you trade?.. and who cares really because the only thing that shines through in most of you is childish arrogance.

    Also if you knew anything you'd realise a hedge fund can work in the fx market just as easily as I can... and I never claimed to be a "pro trader".. i have a career, thanks for the "advice" though.
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  4. don't confuse arrogance with a realistic view. I did not mean the posts above as a personal attack on you, just a realistic view. I know it doesn't jibe with the majority of posters on this board, I understand that.

    You're mixed up though, a hedge fund operates much more easily in the FX markets than you ever will, with cheaper execution, better information, etc...

    good luck
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  5. where is notouch our thread author?
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  6. we strayed so far off course, he/she probably lost interest
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    Hey! You only got 5k??!

    We all have to start somewhere.

    As there is a high mortality rate amongst traders I guess its wise to risk 5k if you are unsure, than 50k. Some people dont understand risk though.

    I hear Richard Dennis stated with 2k.

    If you only make 12% per month - that still puts you in the top 15%. If people are ribbing you, it's because they are losers and just want to take their anger out on someone because they cant admit their failings to themselves.

    Keep it up.
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  8. Richard Dennis started on the Mid-Am, in the 1970/80s. Two huge advantages. Adjust his 2K for inflation and its more than 5K today.
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  9. and he did it full time, his job was to learn to be a speculator. A third advantage over the average 5K piker today
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  10. go ahead, slam me for trying to dash your dreams :)
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