OANDA's 15 pip cable spread

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  1. yeah, turn over a billion, sure, how much do they take home.
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  2. I read that 5 years ago but i've still got my starting balance and more. I'm taking the slowly, slowly aproach (~12%PA) so that I when I have the chance to go full time I can do it without being 40+ with an inheritance only to lose it all to my broker!... which seems to happen a lot.
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  3. well, no offense JackJones, but that is not a success.
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  4. Maybe not but it doesn't make me one of the "95%" does it?
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  5. yeah, it does. Not to make this a personal attack but that does not count as a success. That is muddling along, if you had confidence, you would be putting more capital behind it, trading larger. Good luck to you though, the first step is not losing money.
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  6. Wallet


    rhymes with orange

    The amount one has to place into any one trade is directly proportional to the amount in the account and stepping over this line or placing amounts that are outside of ones risk tolerances, produce disaster.

    Trading is a personal thing, there is no right or wrong, only profit and loss.

    It’s obvious by your attitude that you are setting your self up for a fall.
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    12% annual return is not a success? You've absoultey f-all idea what you're talking about. What do you think the % of >$1bn hedge funds that generates more than 12% is?
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  8. try to trade 1 billion like you trade 5K, dummy. Thats the difference. You could make 500% on 5K and flounder on a million dollar account. Thats why griding out 12% a year on 5K is a joke and zero indication of your ability to make a reasonable return.
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  9. trading a 5K is a hobby, making 12% on a 5K account is a hobby, thats not success as most people would judge it.
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  10. i'll go back to my original point, 5K accounts are canon fodder
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