OANDA widens EUR/USD spread to 20 pips ahead of NFP

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Kicking, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. I got screwed this morning and OANDA pocketed close to 20 pips in less than one minute.

    I wasn't aware the spread could widen to 20 pips. Just wanted to share that with you , this stuff can hurt your account
  2. Funny did you notice EUR/USD max spread is 10 pips. I will be sure to check next week what it shows for today.
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    What was the exact time, relative to 8:30 am EST? And for how many seconds did the 20-pip spread last, as best as you can tell?

    Asking because I traded the NFP today: long, heavy @1.2820 stop (no slippage) within a second after the release. The quote just before that was about 01 / 11. I am positive that 10 was as wide as it ever got before and during the news. After the news, not sure... frankly, the spread is not what I'm focused on.

    Too bad you didn't post this much earlier. We could've saved and looked at a 5-second min/max chart.
  4. when will you buttheads quit trading Oanda? Honest to god! :confused:
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    If you believe that you have a valid point to make, do feel free to go ahead.

    And please don't hold back next time; tell us how you really feel.
  6. I think i did, didn't I?
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    I am seriously interested in why you say that...I have read MOSTLY positive stuff about them and I am even considering openning an a/c with them... I presently trade with IB and before with Refco....but I am getting annoyed with IB's platform that lacks a lot of little details that most of the bucket shop platforms have.....

    I await your comments....thanks
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    I also traded NFP's this morning on oanda, 10 was the max, as per usual.
  9. Not flaming just trying to help because I actively follow along forex, I trade currency futures.

    Don't trade in front of a report with Oanda period. If you do that you should be fine. There appear to be many happy folks with Oanda. If you are going to trade news reports than look at currenex or hotspotfx, which I have heard good things about, but require big accounts.

    If you continue to trade or be in trades with Oanda or anyone other forex broker around a report take your chances.

    I have never seen a spread widen like that in currency futures never! Only get widdening spreads in the overnight Londen Forex open.
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