OANDA: What is the deposit/withdraw processes for OANDA

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  1. Thinking of looking at Oanda for some forex trades - can anyone that knows tell me what it's like (how do you deposit, withdraw, how long does it take; what are withdraw rules and how reliable... etc.)

  2. let me also add that i'm not seeing this readily available on their site; so that's why i'm curious
  3. big thanks for the link
  4. YW. They're very fast on posting deposits and sending withdrawals. I have always received wires within two days.
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    I dont understand why people would go to Forums to ask these questions. Every broker has a customer service department, and they would give a sure answer, instead you chose to start a thread, wait till people read it, and see if they might give you an answer, and you wouldnt know if they are right or not.

    If you work for a broker, you might as well ask a stupid question like " How can I deposit?" or "how are this company's spreads?" . If you work for them then say so and we could have an interesting conversation. But dont act like you are looking for a broker, its pathetic.
  6. I get my wire same day, as long as it's before noon.
  7. thanks everyone for the responses. helpful

    and Paliz... quit sending bad vibes on our discussion here. i don't work for oanda, i don't even use them as my ib
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    OANDA is great with deposits and WD... Transactions are on the same day, but beware they will only withdraw in the same method as you deposit no matter how much you make. I got killed this year with this because when I started doing well I could only withdraw using paypal. I lost %3 on every withdraw. When you start taking out 5 figures+ the fees start to get serious.
  9. Yeah I actually deposited a bass boat once, and they could only pay me with a yacht after a humdinger of a year. I mean shit, what am I gonna do with two boats?
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