Oanda vs Esignal

Discussion in 'Forex' started by nazsmith, Nov 21, 2005.

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    Does anyone else have these two? I've noticed Oanda doesn't match up with Esignal at all. The problem isn't the difference in pips, the problem is the frequency of change in pips as well as direction. I'd have a trade on that will be up in pips many times on Esignal, but after a certain point on Oanda, it doesn't move. It's kind of weird, actually. Maybe one of the two are reporting inaccurately? Does IB show this same idiosyncrasy? Thanks to anyone answering.
  2. Which one is leading the other in speed ?
  3. It's because Esignal uses more than 50 quote providers
    like MM, banks,..in it's data, and this cause frequent 1-2pips
    up and down in prices.

    You have one choice only:
    -Use Cme globex currency, where you don't see this happen
    in 1min, tick charts

    I never checked HOTSPOT FX, it's said to be good one.
    IQfeed offers it for $50, also X-trader have it i guesss
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    Thanks for the responses.

    Esignal is leading Oanda in speed, and I assume this is because of what the other poster states. I actually don't mind the frequency of pip changes; however, it's of no use if I can't trade it that way. I guess I'll need to find a feed that has the same source as my fx account.