Oanda vs. EFX

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by enkidu, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. enkidu


    Ok so I'm deciding between the two brokers.

    EFX - maybe cheaper, and it's ECN

    Onanda - looks a lot prettier lol, I just like the platform better, and i don't think oanda is ECN

    any recommendations?

    and why do people hate on Oanda so much. It seems to be working out fine right now.... at least in the demo mode.
  2. TRS


    You wanna hit the bid/ask..play futs.
    Market makers are cool for longer term trading.
  3. enkidu


  4. TRS


    What are your trade time frames?
    The shorter their nature, the more I would consider Currency futures.
    If you're trades are longer time frame, Oanda are fine.
    I know little of EFX.
  5. nelson


    Does OandA ever advertise? I know they are well known, but how do they get their clients. I know word of mouth is not the only way, cause thats how I opened an account with them