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  1. Today I was playing around with Oanda's FXGame platform, just wanted to hear what other people think of it.

    I had a few problems, like having a stop loss in that didn't register (sure that wouldn't happen during live trading), and no trailing stops (although they say they're working on it). It also seems like it'd be hard to navigate in and out of trades quicky if you needed to.

    So anyone who has experience with this platform, especially in comparison to others, please share as I am considering using them.
  2. One other note: I also closed out one trade but it still showed under both my Trades and Positions boxes. This is the trade my stop didn't get hit on, and when I tried to close it again it said it was already closed.
  3. You might get more replies if you post here!
  4. I come from an equities day trading background but moved over to FX and now trade retail thru Oanda.

    I can say that their live servers are solid. Over the past 2.5yrs, I only had one incident when the server was offline for around 5 mins. They do have occasional disconnects and reconnects (about 5 secs of downtime), but that might be from my end and my ISP...I'm not sure.

    Going from equities to FX, I can say that I appreciate Oanda's keep it simple platform. FX doesn't move nearly as fast as equities, even if you're scalping it. I use Metatrader for my charting and Oanda for my trade execution.

    I hear others say the platform is ugly, and yes, it's not colourful, but what I value is reliability, execution, and the fact they are the only broker to pay interest calculated per second.
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