Oanda Trading Platform With Norton Firewall

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by robbo, May 12, 2004.

  1. robbo


    I want to install Norton Firewall&AntiVirus2004 and I use the Oanda Trading Platform,has anyone had any problems with this set up?
  2. cable


    No problems, but firewalls and especially antivirus software hampers system performance, and java based apps like OANDA's aren't that peppy to begin with.

    I now use a router with a built in hardware firewall, which works great. And I set my computer to check for viruses only every once in a while instead of constantly slowing the system. I've never gotten a virus in about ten years of constant daily use, so I'm not that worried.
  3. I have never used OANDA. But I have used both Norton's and McAfee's firewall software in the past. Both programs substantially compromised the speed of my J-Trader order entry software, each in a different way. I also solved the firewall problem with the use of a router (thanks to advice I got from ET members who responded to my thread in this regard).

    However, I personally did not notice any meaningful slowdown using anti-virus software from either Norton or McAfee. Further, I would not go on the internet without it, despite the router firewall protection. Recently, while in the ET web site, my anti-virus software had repeatedly deleted trojan horses that found their way into my temporary internet files. This despite having advanced router firewall features and no manually opened ports on the router. The anti-virus software is a critical backstop protection feature that I, personally, would never do without. But then, I'm fairly low-tech.
  4. robbo


    Thanks for the replys.I dont really need a firewall slowing the Oanda software.I have Windows XP and have the Firewall set up in this,do you think this is good enough or should I look to buy a router with a firewall
  5. cable


    Either way is fine. Now that I have a hardware router/firewall, I prefer it. If you're serious about the speed of OANDA, you should really backup all your crap and reformat Windows. Install ONLY the few apps you NEED to get the job done. All the other stuff will distract you anyway. I find that most people have a PILE of stuff that loads on startup that they don't need or use, but all of it uses up memory and clogs your system.

    Make enough money and you can buy a new system and not worry about it.