Oanda Spreads

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by cstfx, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. cstfx


    Wow! Did anyone just see that? At 8:15 EDT Weds spreads on the majors JUMPED - euro 10 pips and cable 20 pips- on no apparent news. What's up with that?

    edit: n'er mind. ADP. When are people going to realize that it's not accurate.
  2. cstfx


    IFR Markets report:

    'Since its unveiling in April 2006, ADP has underestimated actual (as reported) payrolls 41 pct of the time and overestimated them 59 pct of the time, by an average of 64,000,' according to Jeoff Hall at Thomson IFR Markets.
  3. siki13


    Well today was very educational .
    Because of the spread widening at 8:15 not only my GBPJPY (long position) stop loss was triggered but limit order (short position) was executed and the price never break important price level.
    Now i gonna have to set alarm for every little news that is coming up.
  4. Candara

    Candara Guest

    Oanda spread behavior was the only reason I left this bucketshop.
  5. Paliz


    who do you use now?
  6. Yeah, I'm curious as well. Who was the magic company that made everything alright?
  7. sim03


    Must be Ava FX. Zero spreads, no commissions, trusted location, founded by scrupulously honest people... how can you possibly go wrong?
  8. they seem to be been decent overall