Oanda refuses withdrawal

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  1. fmmwabrd


    Heads up!

    Oanda is refusing my repeated request to withdraw my money from
    the trading account I have with them.

    Avoid this company at all cost! It is a modern day bucket shop.

  2. DevBru


    Something else is going on here, Oanda is a well known broker.

    Can you provide some more information?
  3. They can also refuse deposits if client information is lacking/inadequate/outdated. Their frontdesk contains some monkies that need crystal clear instructions but aside from that I have no issues with them.

    More info is necessary as noted above.
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  4. First post? You're making shit up. I've traded through Oanda for 10 years and I have NEVER had an issue getting money out.

    During the CHF fiasco they were the only broker that honored all orders/stops. With the way IB shut out traders from the spot FX market they are really one of the only places in town and I highly doubt these issues have anything to do with Oanda.
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  5. RedDuke


    Oanda has been around for ages, and such a post needs proof. I traded through them back in 2004 and never heard about such issues.

    It has been sold to foreign investors, Michael Stumm no longer owns it I think.

    The interesting thing about Oanda, it was set up not to just make money, Michael Stumm wanted to analyze data to see how investors/traders behave.
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  6. Zero issue ever getting a withdrawal processed at Oanda and I've been a client of theirs for a decade.
  7. Handle123


    I opened account at Oanda in 2001 and been with them ever since, never any complaints.

    Just a BS post by a first timer.
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  8. You can see people complaining about them on review sites but it's usually a pattern of people with very low account balances (when they state such information). My guess is mental gymnastics at work, but I am willing to let OP explain his position.
  9. maxinger


    we are not fools.

    you need to tell us the other half of the story.
    what did you do wrong ?

    Avoid fmmwabrd at all cost.

    CHEERS !!!
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    Perhaps they are suspecting you're a North Korean hacker for some reason........ Are you...? :rolleyes:
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