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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Kicking, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. anyone is having problem with the new FX trade ? it keeps freezing and interferes with other java app! everything worked perfect until these idiot software programmers decided to produce an upgrade
  2. have you contacted OANDA about the freezes and interferences you are experiencing?

    I happen to have a very similar problem happen to my PC when I launch Yahoo Instant Messanger - if fcks up my computer royally - fries Java, freezes windows, crashes my system, scrambles browsers.

    If I have a trading program running, forget it, I cannot run YIM period.

    I think, mainly, the problem has to do with Java and Windows or other operating systems.

    It may not be strictly the techs at OANDA. But, if you haven't already, I think you should let them know what is going on with your PC/trading platform.

    It may be something they are not aware of. Maybe they can fix it.

    It should also be noted that running the browser Mozilla Firefox causes more problems to my pc than even YIM does.
  3. You may want to drop the 386 w/64MB in favor of a P5 and a couple gigs.

  4. dalvord


    Working smoothly here.
  5. I run many java apps at the same time.

    I use 3 browsers at the same time:
    Firefox, Opera and IE (Oanda, plus ..., plus ...).
    Three instances of Firefox running FXTrade, Forum and Mail/Google/...

    My box supports 4 screens for the effect.
    (Box is on 24/7)

    OS is WinXP. (I am not a fan of WinXP but it runs so smooth that I am afraid to go Pinguin)

    Never had any problems (doesn't mean I like their upgrade).

    If you want to say that I have been lucky then I have been lucky.
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    New and old run smooth here with Firefox and IE on XP, but occassionally when connection speed drop, the java applet hangs up for 1 minute and then the rates in the chart goes to weird zig-zag lines.
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    Works fine for me. You have to check your system configuration and / or conflicts with other programs running. I am running Windows XP, eSignal and many other programs with Oanda new platform without any problems. What is your system and programs.