oanda needs new platform

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by marketsurfer, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. may i suggest that OANDA adopt a platform similar to the GFT dealbook. the dealbook is a great retail platform,and OANDA is a great retail dealer with a terrible platform. looks like a match made in heaven.......

  2. surf,

    I guess you have made this decision after using it for a while. I use EVERY feature in the Oanda platform...and it is just awesome..

    Tell me where you can find a sortable exposure tab like in Oanda? ...or the detail account summary that they provide?

    You got the one click trading from the chart if that is what you need...

    I look at the other platforms and do not see what is missing or what I am missing..

    Could you be more specific on what dealbook presents (other than trailing stops).

    Michael B.
  3. Its all there surf...keep looking.
  4. Only thing I want from Oanda, is better charts. 4 hour timeframe on the charts would be great because that is what I use on meta-trader. More data from the past in the charts would be great as well.

    The platform is okay. If I use Meta-trader and Oanda alongside each other, then it is perfect, but since I'm only on demo, I just use Meta-trader since it's easier just to click on the desktop icon and be there.

    Oanda is great, but a 4 hour timeframe and improved charts would be the icing on the cake.

    I want to open an account with Oanda, because tighter spreads and no minimum. I want to open an account with FXDD because of meta-trader. Just so confused. I'm not going to be scalping though, so it doesn't really matter which I pick since I know both are good companies.

    Oh yeah, trailing stops are a feature I would like to see in Oanda's platform.

    ES, you don't use charts though. So.... I know you love the platform. :cool:
  5. Hey...

    wouldn't it be kewl for you chartists if there was a platform with open architecture...

    Like being able to type in any increment you want like this:


    or and several digit combo..from 0-9....

    just an idea..
  6. no jm..

    you cannot set up your indicators on a 1032M chart :)

    and overlay a 537D on it...
  7. Gah!!! Just gimme a 4-day chart and a 50 and 200 SMA on it and I'll be happy. It's how I got that 1,500 gain on the EUR/AUD.


    Seems to work well on most of the pairs.

    I was screwing around with Vista when I was messing with Meta-trader to see if it worked.

    One thing is for sure, I definately have more respect for the Forex markets as I learned more about it. I just shouldn't have got started with FXCM and should have been trading on a longer timeframe instead of the 1 minute when I first started.