Oanda Lands $17M in Financing

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    Index Ventures, a European venture capital firm, today announced a solo $17 million investment in OANDA, an innovator for global currency trading. OANDA has been profitable since it launched FXTrade, a fully-automated currency trading platform in 2001. OANDA will use its venture capital funding to further extend its market position and reach. Full Story
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    I am proud that it is a EUROPEAN venture capital firm..

    At least we Europeans know to appreciate quality and
    honesty in a broker....:D
  3. Interesting use of the word "disruptive" twice, in a positive sense, as a modifier for "businesses" and "force", isn't it?

    Not in my dictionary and not found at dictionary.com ... maybe this is British usage. I assume they mean something along the lines of "innovative", "breaking the mold", "out of the box."
  4. This just in:

    Index Ventures bought by Madison Dearborn Partners.
  5. Yeah, I thought that very odd as well. Something lost in translation.
  6. is Oanda a paid sponsor on ET ?

  7. Not according to the occasional heat ElectricSavant, among others, took from moderators, for mentioning the Big O one too many times.

    But now that they are newly flush with VC cash (and, of course, noting who the thread starter is), maybe that's about to change as we speak... :cool:
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    Disruptive Technologies. It was a big buzzword back in the DotCom boom; I'd invest in any company who labelled themselves as specializing in "disruptive technologies" and I'd make a bundle fast once the street caught the hype. A friend of mine even had "Disruptive Technologies" on his business card under his name. Ahhh, the days of overblown hype and 30% daily profits.
  9. ahhhhh. I'm always in trouble...

    Why do they need to be a sponsor here? They get mentioned enough for free...:)

  10. Baron,

    If I did this Magna would be all over me!

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