Oanda is good ???? .....

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  1. I have read this ....

    Your Margin Account with OANDA is not insured under any state or federal insurance program, or by any other entity. In the event OANDA should become insolvent or file for protection under the bankruptcy laws, it is possible that you would lose the entire amount in your Margin Account.

    Enron/Parmalat forever
  2. How much you will fund your account with? Isn't
    20-30 times leverage enough for you not to make
    you own huge investment. Nothing to worry
  3. Are any Forex dealers protecting or guaranteeing your account? I know it's unlikely that Refco (for example) would become insolvent, but do they have any obligation?

    I am really trying to get a handle on this Forex market. But it seems the more I investigate, the more confused I get.

    Help wanted!!!

    :confused: :confused: :confused:

  4. The Forex industry is the biggest "Den of Thieves" I have ever witnessed IMHO.

    They do not have standardized price quotes and their marketing of commission free trading should be banned.

    I am so glad the NFA is breaking into the Forex Industry and straightening things out.

    I would not touch Forex with a 10 foot pole.....not for a while yet.

    Michael B.

  5. Not in the US. Try Europe (ex-Switzerland).
  6. Yes, in Europe you have protection.
  7. Example: www.saxobank.com

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    just trade forex-futures !
  9. ... as long as there is no CME Globex crash.
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    your forex brokers platform can crash too ....
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