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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Wallace, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. just started using the platform again Sun/Mon and here's what I've been experiencing
    price bars stop updating but ticker still works
    can't open a chart
    attach but can't Remove/adjust studies or trendlines
    Disconnect works but can't re-connect
    a Java warning message pops up "Java has discovered application components that
    could indicate a security concern - Name: OANDA fxTrade - Block potentionally
    unsafe components from being run ? (recommended)" after which the above may

    I have to close the program and re-login again to get it working and have had to do
    so Many times

    anyone else experiencing/experienced the same / similar ?

    so far I've uninstalled one version of java, installed the latest version, uninstalled that
    and installed an earlier version and FXTrade still doesn't function correctly
    on the Oanda forum there's a 'Beware this new JAVA update' posted November 11

    here's Oanda Support's reply to my email
    "While in the past there have been instances of connectivity issues with the trading
    platform itself, these are quite rare. In the overwhelming majority of cases,
    connectivity issues such as those you have described (inconsistent connection,
    charts lagging) are the result of intermittent internet connection. The signals
    between your computer and the fxTrade platform travel back and forth over multiple
    ISPs. If any one of these ISPs has connection issues, it will affect the quality of
    your connection to the platform."

    aside from the fact that I haven't reported 'inconsistent connection, charts lagging'
    is 'ISP connectivity' the likely cause of the 'freeze/locking' of parts of the program ?
    if there's an 'ISP connectivity' issue and the price bars stop updating, wouldn't the
    ticker also stop ?
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    I have the same problems. I find Oanda satisfactory for swing trades. Shorter timeframes can be difficult, so know what you are dealing with and adjust for it.
  3. No problems here.
  4. Larson, how long have you been experiencing the platform problems ?
    did you contact Support and what was their answer ?
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    Since the latter part of 2008. I have not spoken with anyone there about the problem as I have always worked around it. Sometimes a trade was not executed and I would have to reboot and go back in, which was annoying. I do not currently have any problems with the charts, as you say you are having.
  6. Larson, amazed you've put up with the problems at all never mind for so long, if the
    following helps at all let us know

    the problems I've been experiencing may have been fixed, and may in part have been
    caused by myself
    today - Tue - just a few minutes after loading FXTrade I switched from ohlc chart to
    heiken ashi and all chart functions froze including order entry, except the price bars
    did continue to update.
    my call to Oanda resulted in the rep having me try the 'desktop' login method which
    is a small direct install program leaving an FXTrade icon on the desktop -
    what this means is direct connection and login to Java, eliminating the use of a browser
    and possible browser initiating problems
    it worked then didn't work - the icon became corrupted the second time I tried to
    start FXTrade, back to site download again, Then - because reps had been asking
    me to Java/Delete temporary files and I knew Crap Cleaner cleaned Sun Jave temp
    files, we worked out that CC was deleting the desktop icon files which are stored in
    the Java temp folder
    Unchecked CC/Cleaner Settings/Applications/Internet/Sun Java and re-tested the
    login and it ran ok
    so if you're having FXTrade problems, try the desktop login method, and if you're
    using CCleaner and presumably any other similar cleaner, make sure to Uncheck Java
    from the clean process

    if I do get any problems again I'll update the thread, otherwise it seems to be fixed

    rumours are that Oanda IS in the process of installing MetaTrader into its feed/order
    system and that it will sooner than later offer MT4 to clients
    I don't know if they can get sub minute charts in MT but the amount of data stream
    they currently process is massive in comparison to MTs, major difference between
    MT and FXTrade; also there's the question of speed of execution because that too is
    different so it might be I'd use Oanda's MT4 but still use FXTrade to enter orders -
    sounds daft but that's what I'm doing currently except the MT is from another broker