Oanda FXTrade problem

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Wallace, May 9, 2010.

  1. it's 1pm pst and the Oanda help desk should be manned soon and i'll phone them but
    is anyone else having FXTrade/Game platform problems ?

    slow connecting and no price history on the charts, though price appears to be ticking
  2. Yes to all of the above.
  3. didn't phone them, loaded the platform ok with full price history

    after last week's record trading volume what may have happened was the hampster
    died of exhaustion during the weekend and the system was reduced to battery backup

    euro + 130pips since fri Close - currently 1.289+ and rising

    see those Saturday afternoon trades, and the 100++pip swings this afternoon -
    Lot of trading going on, usdjpy and chf's active too
  4. Traxex, so far as i know Oanda is the only fx broker providing 24/365 trading
    they do not staff Customer Service/Support during the weekend -
    "We are here to help you 24 hours a day from Sun at 4pm EST to Fri at 4 p.m. EST"

    i'd have thought they'd have someone to kick the hampster's cage if needed during
    the wkend - strictly a techie but who knows
    each fx broker sets their own start/end and holiday hours, most open on Sun after
    2pm pst and there's little to no trading on Oanda during the wkend until Sun morning
    maybe, after 10am pst, but that wkend May 8/9 was the PIIGS bailout announcement
    and the eurusd ran up 350+ pips above the Fri close

    not sure but think Oanda increase the spread manually, during rth is usually 0.9 pips
    on the wkend usually 10 pips, i've seen it as high as 20 - that wkend ? the trading
    activity that wkend and volatility may have kicked-in breakers which if no one was
    around to respond to caused the slow load/no history

    next time something like that happens i'll call them and ask for an explanation
  5. Peter35


    Their support desk usually answers me whenever i need help