Oanda for subsecond automated scalping?

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  1. Hi,

    I am considering oanda to automate my scalping trading system.. Oanda has some attractive features; low initial size (1$) and Low min deposit so i could test my system on a real environment. However, the challenges are:

    1- i would like to go to the subsecond time frames. Is this possible ( connection and execution speed-wise)?

    2-third party software.. What do you recommend to connect with Oanda and deploy my ATS to scalp with Oanda?

  2. You're aware that Oanda charges a $600 setup fee and then $300 per month for API access, right? And I think they also have a minimum balance requirement for API enabled accounts.
  3. The speed of your system depends on your connection to it, how fast your code does the work and other factors.
  4. Yes i am aware of this expensive but my trading volume reach more than 12mi per month so i will get API free of charge.. Also, the minimum balance to get API is only 600$ and still within my range..

  5. Assume i colocate my system to be close to their server. and also i think my code is fast enough. My concern is their server speed to execute and send fills to my end once it received my signal to execute buy or sell.

    Does any know what is the most suitable third party software to work with Oanda with little problems and adaptation

    Also, how to get the second time frame for trading with Oanda.?

    Your sharing is much appreciated
  6. Sounds exciting.

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  7. The problem with this with the Oanda API is that they only send fill-confirmations anywhere between 0 and 3 seconds later (its some sort of polling mechanism as opposed to 'realtime' confirmations). Execution per se is fine, just the confirmation-reports are a bit late. So there is some slight delay. Other than that, the API works great, but i doubt that is suitable for sub-second trading.

    They also have a FIX-gateway, maybe that works better. They use Carpathia (formerly known as Servervault) as their datacenter (Washington facility).
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    Sub second on a retail platform is, well I don't want to sound rude, but, not possible. HFTs in stocks and futures "rent" servers that are in the same building as the exchange, so latency is nil, of course they pay for the honor, but they make it up in profits.

    Now in Spot Currency, if you have the funds you can be your own exchange, and then HFT off of other retail traders while you have 0 latency, you can also give away MT4 and dial in your own latency to your retail clients.

    In retail if you try any HFT funky stuff while interacting with Prime Brokers in your hub, you might get a warning, or you might just get the boot automatically.

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