Oanda fees?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by mm2mm, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. mm2mm


    Say I want to open a $100 account with them, how much would I pay in fees? If it is account opening fees or fees when I trade.

    BQ1: How close is the real account to demo account in Oanda?

  2. eurojack


    There are no setup fees.

    Real accounts have re-quotes, slippage, freezes and disconnectings.
  3. Forget MT4 and Oanda...it's a mess. Besides, The MT4 platform has minimum 1000 unit trades.

    You can trade single units at Oanda...why not open with 5 bucks and trade live and real on their own platform (not MT4).

    You do not need a Demo at Oanda...


    P.S. I am not aware of re-quotes at Oanda...but eurojack is accurate on the other messes.
  4. mm2mm


    Thanks. I'm not gonna be using MT4. I am using their fxtrade platform which to me has been much better. I had a few issues with MT4.

    I'm gonna be depositing with paypal.:)
  5. If you deposit with paypal....you gotta' withdraw by paypal...watch the fee's


  6. depends on many factors. I have no trouble. Live account.

  7. There are no requotes on fxTrade; if they post a quote and you execute on it, they will insta-fill you up to 10mil size on a single order.

    Stay away from their MT4 implementation, or use it but don't expect it to be rock solid, stick with the fxTrade platform.
  8. eurojack


    I was talking in general, demo vs real. Execution at Oanda is superb and can be compared to ECN/STP but I never used MT4 with them (only fxTrade). I dislike the Metatrader in general, I only use it for charting and I wouldn't use it on a live account.