Oanda EuroUSD spread today 3 pips. WTF.

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by sunnyskies, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. ????
  2. Scheduled spread widenings were pre-announced, for the holiday period. Let me find the reference.
  3. It's a secure page, so I can't provide a link to it. It's your "Messages and Updates" page you see after you log in.

    Here's what is says, using copy & paste (italics are mine):

    Dec 18, 2005

    Holiday spreads and hours

    Dear FXTrade clients,

    We at OANDA would like to thank all of you for having made 2005 a very successful year for OANDA. Knowing that you have a choice, we very much appreciate your business!

    Best wishes for a very happy holiday season and a prosperous new year!

    Please note that FXTrade will be open for trading throughout the holiday season. Spreads will start to widen Friday, Dec 23 7am EST, and we expect spreads as follows:

    * Dec. 24 - 25: weekend spreads
    * Dec. 26: half the weekend spreads
    * Dec 31-Jan 1: weekend spreads
    * Jan 2: half the weekend spreads
    * Jan 3: normal

    Please note, however, that market liquidity conditions and trading activity can force us to unexpectedly widen spreads at any time, however.

    OANDA FXTrade customer service will be closed:

    * from Friday, Dec 23 4pm EST until Monday December 26 8am EST
    * from Friday, Dec 30 4pm EST until Monday Jan 2 8am EST.
  4. Yes, they mentioned spreads would be enlarged during holiday periods.

    Check the news when you log in - says it right there, chief.

    edit: Sorry, didn't see Apex's post.
  5. It should come as no surprise to any professional that the spreads widen out before major holidays, its the same on stocks, futures, bonds etc....less liquidity, less players, bigger spreads.
  6. sunnyskies,

    I have read your posts in ET.... You are not a novice. I think your new to Oanda thats all...

    Michael B.
  7. Thank you for the compliment, my point is that it is not surprising that all brokers widen out their spreads during this time, I am aware that the regular spread on oanda is 1.5 pips. I actually use a platform that shows one pip wide on the euro, yen, euroyen, 1-2 on chf, gbp, 1/2 pip wide on euro/gbp etc...check it out currenex dot com. Cheers, Leslie
  8. that's nice. and they prolly kindly provide 3 pip slippage to go along with that :)

  9. siki13


    Currenex is the only brokerage firm that didn't answer my
    email i sent two times with some basic questions
    I can only imagine what would happen if i am their customer
    and i am asking something important like "Why is my money not wired yet?"
  10. they are not a broker, they dont have your money, they are a tech company, and they dont cater to retail client, ask yyour broker if you can get a currenex access if you can afford it.
    #10     Dec 24, 2005