OANDA DEMO problems and live help chat - LOL :D

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by forestgril, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. I am still playing demo - better this, than loosing real money! :D

    This time I had a certain problem with one order.. not for the first time! It was not closed on stop loss level :) I hope it is not the same on real platform! :D

    Anyway: look at the tickets, they're for the same trade - the first ticket sets the stop loss on Saturday morning. The next ticket shows, that I was allowed to change the stop loss for this order at 20:00 on Sunday....

    The problem is, that as You can see, at 20:00 Sunday the price (marked with a cross) is 40 pips lower!


    "Ok, ok" - You can say - "they've been having problems with demo platform for years already".

    What is funny that, instead admitting the "obviousity", they insist on having everything fixed! The next picture shows a conversation with Oanda rep... Are they really that stupid or what??? :D

  2. Gregory, you don't seriously expect any sort of competent answer from Oanda's customer services do you?
    Heck, the guy looked up the wrong pair for crissakes, he's probably only doing that part-time, his regular job is burger-flipping!
    And what was the point in asking him if he respects you? Of course he doesn't respect you, you disturbed his snooze!
    Hey there's a thought, you probably qualify for a job there!

    Why don't you post the chart and chat transcript over on the Oanda forums for a laugh, and post the link here :D

    ....and resize your chart next time dammit!!
  3. There simply ain't no disrespectin the Gril, yo!
  4. 1. I gave them a lot of time to understand what I meant! BOTH chats lasted togejther more than 1hour....

    2. The point is that he is forced to give me more attention! :D and for himself - to finally get what I mean!

    3. I am omnipotent. I qualify for everything! And I am peace-loving entity, thats why Cable, I will not call You a f...ing dumb.ss retarded moron :) What for all these malicious acts of frustration??? :D

    4. I will!

    5. Maybe I will... be doing it next time, but If I have done so this time, the cross didnt would not have had beeing wasnt seen... or whatever :D
  5. I wished this was a taped phone call....

    You couldve went Christian Bale on them.......
  6. 1. So what? All you got is time boy, at least he was getting paid.

    2. He wasn't 'forced' to do anything, he told you a dozen times to email frontdesk

    3. You're what? Impotent? That figures.

    4. Do it instead of talking about it, and post the link here. Those dudes will rip you a new one!

    5. WTF are you on, bitch?