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  1. Is it possible to feed it into some charting program?
  2. anyone?
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    No, unless you want to build an adapter based on their API.
  4. wincorp


  5. auto


    or use a screen scraper.
  6. wincorp


    where can I find a screen scraper that works with the oanda data feed?

  7. whats a screen scraper? also is there something like brackettrader for oanda?
  8. A screen scraper is a piece of software that reads the pixels off from the target program (FXTrade) and in this case converts those pixels to quotes.

    To my knowledge there is no bracket trader type interface for FXTrade. auto has an order entry program but it didn't work for me.
  9. The problem is that since oanda charge for the *use* of the API you will simply never get the kind of following that IB has or applications like brackettrader because you would pay for using it as well pay to buy it.

    If oanda want to charge for using the api fine but they could get smarter on charging for 3rd party addons and maybe take a cut of the sale price. That way things like brackettrader would make their way over to oanda and you would be charged for buying it or even a smaller monthly charge.
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