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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by davidmaria1, Nov 18, 2008.

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    They are using the Interactive Brokers business plan of platform functionality when it comes to "upgrading" their trading system.
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  2. 2012


    you are referring to my attacks on ET,

    stop living in the past Ivan, I thought we put that behind us
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  3. MY GOD, I didn't really believe it till now

    you really ARE some poor sick boy whose life revolves around your dozens of imaginary ET characters.

    geez I thought you had potential

    good luck :(

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    shame on you, how can one trade with so much lost connections, you do know it's 2009 and most brokers/ buket shops no longer have half the connections problems as oanda, you gots to admit is a major problem, if i was trading 10lots with this broker i will be very afraid of loosing my connection and didn't get a chance to put my t/p and s/l in, very scary shit. oanda sucks big time.
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  6. I doubt very much you'll ever need to worry about that :p

    If you had any experience of trading (with Oanda) you would know there's an option to enter 'stop loss' and 'take profit' on the order ticket (there's even an option to set up a default stop and limit which is entered automatically, useful for when you're using the one-click facility), that way there's never a time when you wouldn't get a chance to enter them.

    Anyway it looks like Oanda did a good job of fixing the connection issue, everything's fine now and it's business as usual. Instant fills, no slippage, tight spreads, no commission, what more could anyone want :)
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  7. I know, it's all very confusing for you isn't it.

    Really, don't worry about it :)
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  8. you are becoming sad cause it seems you can't wit your way out

    Oanda is bad, you imitating Jack Hershey won't make it good

    I really thought you had some potential but you are a piker who can't afford IB account

    I don't know what to say kido

    good luck
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    morgandriect, and pfgbest/currenex, or my main brokers, thats all i want and need :D
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    that boy is gonna need more then luck he can't break even :eek: now you see why he's stuck with oanda.
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