Oanda connection problems...

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Ivanovich, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Anyone having problems getting to Oanda today?

    They're beginning to worry me lately with all of their connection issues. When a broker has so many problems like this, you begin to doubt their ability to service you.
  2. Not here, but you can probably thank Felix and his legions of subscribers, flocking to Oanda's predictable news-widened-spread yet still slippage-free business model. Those who don't trade the news on that platform are affected as well, at times.

    The question is, will the platform's rock-solid stability return, until most traders behind that regular instant-on, one-sided blitz wise up and slosh that yard's worth or more elsewhere, on ECNs. If they ever do.
  3. Ha! Why should they leave? They are just trying to earn a living like everyone else.

    Can't beat them, then join them.
  4. Well, as you can see from the last sentence of my previous post, I assumed nothing regarding when or even whether they will scrape together enough capital to leave for greener pastures (read: a platform actually suitable for news trading).

    Having said that, news trading at Oanda is apparently getting to be somewhat less of a joyful, stress-free and almost guaranteed-profit experience than it used to be not too long ago, judging from 100+ reviews here.

  5. To quote a moronic post I read recently....

    "No shit, muppet. Really? :)"