Oanda clients' Sunday opening - trading

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Wallace, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. fx broker hours vary including holiday closures, the mt4 demo i use for instance opens at
    3pm pst, and while Oanda's the only broker i know of through whom one can trade 24x7 -
    except they do a server service after the Fri close, i was surprised that the chart indicates
    there are regular Sunday traders starting around 8-9am pst, today at 6am, tho it wasn't till
    10am that trading became more active

    so what ?

    well Oanda's noon H of 1.5032 was the 61.8 of the Fri H of 1.5144 and made for a possible
    extra 20 pips on top of the mt4 opening hour short, plus the 10:30 run up from the 1.4971 L
    to 1.5032 was worth a possible 61 pips

    worth putting in the extra hours ?

    if you want to follow Oanda's prices there's an unlimited demo available at:
    Oanda's 'out of hours' spread on the eurusd seems to be 10 pips and while i don't know
    what it was at 10am, it was 2.5 when i started and now 1.3 - 6pm, and most often 0.9

    no, i didn't get any of the extra pips, first time i was aware of the early trading - i didn't get
    started until 3:30 — but i'll be watching next Sunday
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