OANDA cheating ?!

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by NickBarings, May 19, 2005.

  1. Did any of you ever noticed that when

    you are trading profitable with Oanda

    that there are more disconnections or

    slower execution speeds to f... you ?
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  4. Hey Nick,

    I've done just about everything you can do with the platform - have it collapse, freeze and slip in every way possible.

    But to say that OANDA targets users to cheat them - it's not gunna happen.

    First, no trader is even good enough for them to want to take some of his/her money. In forex? Are you kidding?

    It's the riskiest market in the world! Everybody gets creamed on their own power with no help needed from OANDA trying to steal from them.

    I've heard stuff about other brokers but never about OANDA.

    I've been in situations where they could have wiped me if they wanted, but I never got a cent lost by having the trade or my account manipulated by them.

    It would seem they are TOO honest, but, it is just the way it is with them.

    The rest of it has to do with Java, the Internet and Windows in my opinion.

    OANDA's reputation is the best there is.

    peace out,

    the skalper
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    Thats where your speed issue came from. Any programmer thinks java is the bext thing since baywatch premiere, not really true, its slow like cr ap
  6. I am a futures trader and I use another brokerage firm, not Oanda. Oanda don't deal in futures anyway. When I was going through a bad patch, I thought the same thing. Trust me, it is only coincidence. Think of it as "Fooled By Randomness" in reverse.

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    OANDA used to crash on me all the time, but once I ditched Windows I ditched all my crashes. Everything seems to work worse on Windows, especially Java apps and basically anything to do with networking. Instead, try the Ubuntu Linux LiveCD, which is a demo linux disk which runs off your CD-Rom and doesn't touch your Windows partition, or splurge and buy an Apple. I speak from experience: OANDA runs MUCH worse on Windows than on either Linux or the Mac (It's not an OANDA problem, it's a Windows problem).

    If you're using OANDA for trading, great! Every other app you will need, or one very similar, can be found on these other systems without much problem.
  8. Oanda is fine. Fx trading without staying up 24 hours a day is a bit harder.
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