Oanda: Can you login to your FXTRADE?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by makloda, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. It won't login for me, their whole servers seems to have broken down or is this only on my end?

    Also, I see (4:40pm EST) huge spreads marked with "news event", e.g. NZD/USD 20 pips, GBP/JPY 11 pips etc.
  2. I was also kicked off of FXT briefly on thursday but was informed by the rep after a call that it would be back up shortly. It was back on within minutes. Currently, I can not get the graph or the quote panel to come up, but it is probably just weekend maintenance and luckily this time I don't have any open positions.

    Spreads were relatively wide last week but from what I understand Oanda was still one of the tightest, and widening on the interbank market is normal when you have such liquidity issues in such a fast market, especially due to the broad-based nature of the crunch (forex, stocks, bonds, etc. instead of just one market).

    I wasn't paying too much attention to all of them, but during the thinnest times of the week USD/JPY was between .03 and .11. Anyone who trades with other brokers have a different report?
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    Can not log in FXTrade here right now.But can log in FXGame.The same old problem that Oanda has not solved since 2006.Or they just love game players not traders!
  4. There were no problems/outages this morning during the NFP number, and relatively narrow spreads on the USD/JPY-I didn't notice it going over .05 at any time. Impressive!
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