Oakland is going to burn

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 377OHMS, Jul 2, 2010.

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    They are expecting acquital and they just fired 80 police officers.

    Don't forget hotdog buns and cheesey-brauts because that whole city is going to be one huge barbeque.

    I never understood the mentality of "lets protest by burning and looting our own neighborhood!". 'Sup with that?
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    The jury has only deliberated three hours. If they have not reached a verdict by Wednesday morning, then you can expect an acquital on the murder charge. And the longer the deliberations go, the more likely he is to be acquitted on the lesser charges. The video should make it easy for a manslaughter conviction, they have no reason to deliberate for a long time unless they are doubting the prosecution's case.

    This cop is an idiot, and his defense is idiotic. He should not be running around with a badge and a gun. He needs to be convicted and punished for a crime, but that crime is not murder.

    EDIT TO ADD: I didn't know a juror was scheduled to go on vacation, so the deliberations will probably have to start over on Wednesday anyway.

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    Agree. You don't mistake a handgun for a taser. The video looks like murder.
  4. Murder, plain and simple. The victim was not struggling, he was cuffed. One cop held him down, the other coolly and calmly pulled out his gun and squeezed the trigger. If there wasn't a video phone recording, this would be (and forgive my language) "just another dead nigger who was resisting arrest". Disgusting. Accidental death my ass.
  5. What bunch of BS send him here to holman Alabama prison, old sparky needs some work.
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