O.J. finds Saddam

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    Nabs Iraqi Madman During Search for 'Real Killers'

    In a surprising denouement to his eight-year-long search for the "real killers" of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, former NFL great O.J. Simpson today found former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein hiding in a hole in Tikrit.

    Appearing in a joint press conference in Baghdad with U.S. officials, the Heisman Trophy winner told of the long, twisted road that led him from Florida to Iraq in search of the elusive real killers, but wound up leading him to Saddam Hussein instead.

    "I realized Iraq would be the perfect place for the real killers to hide, since everybody there was looking for Saddam and nobody was looking for the real killers," Mr. Simpson said. ""Man, that's where I'd hide.""

    After booking a plane ticket to Baghdad, Mr. Simpson began searching holes up and down the country looking for the real killers, little knowing he would reel in the biggest fish of all.

    But when Mr. Simpson stumbled upon the Iraqi madman hiding in a hole in Tikrit, he almost did not recognize the bedraggled Saddam: "For a second there I thought it was Glen Campbell."

    Mr. Simpson, who told reporters that the search for his wife's real killers would resume tomorrow in Boca Raton, today received a reward from U.S. administrator Paul Bremer in the amount of $25 million for his role in the historic capture.

    Mr. Simpson said he had not yet decided what to do with the money, but was considering buying five gallons of gasoline from the Halliburton Company.

  2. Sounds like another Jessica Lynch fiasco.:D :D The real Saddam??? could be true. BUT I don't thrust the f&^king cabal in office anymore.

    Ya know, feed them JoeSixpack mushroom ( JoeSixpacksheeple)bullshit and keep them in the dark:p :p

    impeccable timing I say:D
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    Rolling in the Sand Laughing my Butt Off......:D :D

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  5. First reports from Baghdad indicate that the bloody glove found at the site of the murder of Mrs. Nicole Simpson doesn't fit Mr. Saddam Hussein either.