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  1. If there are any like-minded traders that have been interested in joining a group for collaboration, sharing intel, and/or just bounce ideas off of, I'm looking to put a group together. I'm in New York but this doesn't need to be anything initially dependent upon in-person logistics... just something informal with the objective eventually maybe boiling down a crew with different resources & skillsets as a group to form something stronger....this is how some of these things start anyway, so let me know...
  2. According to your Profile, you are in Long Island. You may want to give more information, like your age, experience, instruments, etc.

    Your resources & skill sets are?

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    PS. There is plenty of information here; you can lose yourself for like 6 months, easily...
  3. I'm 48,and been trading equities since owning AAPL at $7 (but I also owned & loved WorldCom at the time ha ha). I've been trading options & some futures seriously only about 2 1/2 years, but now primarily focused in this area. I also used to program in Java, etc. back in college, but still shaking the rust off, and starting to work within python just to compile statistical data and potential patterns , not expecting to create an ALGO. I also subscribe to some premium services.
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  6. My best advice is to acquaint yourself with the material posted here. Simply use the search feature, and look for prolific posters, within the areas you are interested in.

    AAPL is the first stock I ever bought, Summer 1997. As usual, I sold quite early!
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  9. I’m 21, and am looking to see how people think and operate when making trades. I like to think I know how to day trade using basic patterns such as reversals. I use TD ameritrade but am familiar with some different scanners(screeners). If u create a group I would love to be a part of it.
  10. I would like to join your group, i have 5+ years in trading
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