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  1. Hey guys.

    Anyone trading NZD/USD? It's pretty cheap right now, anyone buying in?

    Any thoughts regarding this pair, feel free to post it.
    Have a good day,
  2. OfmY


    come on guys...this week is the sale for it cheap with %%% discount :D
  3. I bought in at .6474...Felt like I was shopping at Wall-mart, minus the guilty feeling :)

  4. I'm too scared to buy in. It's ugly. The best I could do was short the hell out of AUD/NZD.
  5. Its hard to go long on this one this year....but I am watching it...
  6. So far so good :)
  7. Went long at .6474, now at .6523 :)

    I put in a trailing stop, so I might just ride it for a while.

  8. OfmY


    remember that you're playing not only for nzd but against the dollar...and if the last one goes up the nzd will be the first one goes least at past
  9. True...We shall see :)

    Going to take profit at 30 pips.

  10. This down move in the Kiwi is insane. One again the market is taking things to extremes and seeing just how low they can push it - fundamentals be damned.

    There's no justification for a 500 pip drop like this without any retracement. I'm looking to buy in here, but I won't dare. When the market gets this stupid, it's best to stand aside.
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