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  1. My two favorite pairs as of late. I'd like to open a discussion (if some of you are willing) on the Kiwi and it's behavior as of late. I'm bearish on the Kiwi, as rates are set to be cut some time in the 4th quarter according to analysts. I actually believe a rate cut will come sooner, and the market has yet to price in a rate cut coming sooner.

    I think the RBNZ hiked too fast, and put too much strain on the economy. Releases coming out are decidedly horrible, and commodity prices for this week are set to fall again. Technically, all indicators point down, except for an oversold daily, which is partially corrected by the latest bounce. I think it's a great short where it is now, and I've gone ahead and shorted it (6150) to the tune of a million units. We see how this pans out...

    Anyone have thoughts?
  2. Stop loss moved down to 6110 to lock in 40 pips on any bounce.
  3. NZD/USD is one of the top hottest pairs to trade - long.

    I got 2 positions in NZD/USD both pointing up.

    One position in AUD/NZD pointing down.
  4. What money are you talking about? My trailing stop was just hit at .6110. I'll reshort soon.

    But 1M at 40 pips is what? Why don't you do the math for me and see what money I just made this morning on my first day back? Post the results of your math here, oh arrogant one.

    Or go back to the simulator and please stay out of my thread unless you want to be a serious adult.

    And incidently, what are your positions in both pairs? I mean, seriously, you juvenile. Post the figures or shut up already.
  5. trailing stop was not hit! I was watching the quote on the panel, but the stop wasn't hit. That's odd.

    Oh well, then that just makes it a minimum win at this point.
  6. Ah, there it goes.
  7. Ok, so if you're on the other side of my trade, should I thank you for the $4,000?

    See, unlike you, I call out my trades here. For everyone to see. I don't post simulations. I admit my defeats. I accept my errors, and don't try to braggart my way through trading (or the activity of pretending to trade).

    You still have not answered my question. Where are your NZD/USD and AUD/NZD trades?
  8. No, you shouldn't thank me for the $4,000 because I did not lose any money - my trade is still open and is doing just fine. In fact, my average price is just where I want it.
  9. You can post all the "lmao" you want, but your confidence - or lack of it - is as certain as the sun rising.

    So I understand it correctly: When you close (winning) trades (on the simulator), you thank everyone opposite your trade for their money (despite their trades still being open) but when it's the other way around, it's not you who loses. Do I follow you correctly?

    And third request: Post your positions in NZD/USD and AUD/NZD.

    Otherwise I'll have to ask the mod's to remove your posts from this thread relating to these pairs.
  10. So you think by telling me your open position, you're helping me trade? How can a person be so dumb?

    You have no open positions. That much is obvious.

    Good day.
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