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    god this stock has been a dog the past few months...whats everyones opinion on this thing now?
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  2. Head and shoulders on weekly chart, neckline now broken. Sell sell sell. Target price according to textbook formula is 49 dollars.

    I would not touch this thing long unless the MACD on the weekly chart crossed. It appears that might be weeks or months from happening.
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  3. No way... I would put every dollar I have into it if we touched 49.
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  4. Its not impossible. NYX is no longer the growth story. The growth story is the foreign exchanges. NYX appears to be struggling for listings.
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  7. We've already hit the bottom at about 80 bucks or so and the reversal is occuring as we speak. There is obvious support at $80 and we saw the exact same thing happen from the beginning of Feb. to the middle of March. Once it hit $80 it began it's reversal on it's way to $100. Looks to be doing much of the same.

    49 bucks??
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  8. nice bounce today
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  9. Be careful. The stock has been making lower highs and lower lows since the start of the year(institutions are selling the rallies). This can only mean one thing and that is the price is being funneled into a triangle. (not to mention we see h/s on the chart) This can be gamed through the triangle, but the price right now is at a critical point as you can see.

    It did bounce off the lower trend line which is bullish. Last year it dipped right under the 40 week average before surging forward.

    The reason for the surge today is simple. The stock has had 6 down weeks and its time for a recovery rally or a short covering rally.

    I wouldnt long it until it cleared the top part of the triangle because then you have roughly 50 points up after that. I would short it if it turned around and went through the bottom. Trading it through the triangle while the price is at the apex is tricky. The price is in the apex meaning that something will happen very soon, within the next two weeks.

    Notice it did not close above the 40 week moving average.
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  10. After the NYX-Euronext numbers are combined, I think that we will see the prolonged up trend re-established. The price target should be 112.
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