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  1. at what level do you think it bounces today....86.80 is my guess
    and it showed a little resistance at that level in the past.....
    It's in a steady decline after the GS downgrade today....87.14 currently
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  2. I hate to say this, but Cramer made an interesting point today.

    He says the bears have to keep the stock down here, because it is the last quarter w/o Euronext, which is the big growth market.

    For some reason, this has been on the SHO list forever, so we don't know how many shares are really short. But it's not going to zero, it's a bull market, so it is going to be very, very volatile, and interesting.
  3. Volatile ... why do you say volatile? It seems to me that because of the recent acquistions the directions should be upward. Earnings are increasing and the company has serious cash. Don't see a reason for high volatility.
  4. Bounce off of 85, my target becomes 98. Then when it pivots off of 98, my target becomes 70. Go long at 70 and then my price target becomes 112. A break through 112 and my target becomes 175.
  5. Are you kidding me? NYX down to 70 ... not a chance.

    I do agree with you, however that 85 is the short term bottom.
  6. http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=NYX&p=W&b=9&g=0&id=p15775645033

    Im not kidding. The chart is breaking down. Look at the quantum relationships forming.

    112-80.51= 31.49

    80.51+ ((31.49/3)*2)= 101.5 (actual retracement was 101)

    So we can conclude that the recent retracement was a reaction rally and thus a continuation pattern during a downtrend.

    112 (late Nov high)-48.62 (June 2006 low)= 63.38

    112 (late Nov high)- ((63.38*3)/2))= 42.23

    112-42.23= 69.77 (the next theorhetical low)

    I expect there to be another short retracement to the 90s followed by a selloff to 70 bucks. Then the pattern will complete itself and go back up.

    Notice that I have used the weekly chart for this example and 1 candlestick equals 5 trading days.

    If we attack this with the golden number, then we see the following results

    Last year backtest 90.35/1.618= 55.84 (actual low 55.38) There is another low on the chart, but that appears to be a bad print.

    This year 112/1.618= 69.22

    Im confident that we will see 70 before we see 100.
  7. From a fundamental analysis point of view, we should be seeing an increase in earnings per share,income, revenues, assets and cash flow as well as a decrease in expenses etc.

    NYX's valuation is at a different level now than before this present quarter; therefore it should reflect in the stock price.

    My position is that we're at or near the bottom and we wont see these prices again.

    In other words you can take a longterm position and hang on for the ride.
  8. What about companies deciding to list on other exchanges and growth of the exchange coming into question?
  9. I know that the nyse and nasdaq are engaged in a battle for listings, but I can see that nyse has jumped way ahead in the game of corporate listings by adding Euronext.

    Watch and see that Euronext will agressively add corporate listings and new trading products with the backing of nyse.

  10. Potential bounce play here at the 50 dma. Watch for price action tomorrow.
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