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    I don't get it.
    Why are they down after their earnings?
    Sounded pretty good to me.
    What's going on?
  2. They missed slightly.
  3. 50% short float in this stock. BUY?!
  4. Exchange stocks are losing their sexyness. All momo stocks lose it at one time or the other. I think you guys just have to look for a new momo.
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    I thought 50% short float was a bearish sign and it was time to sell.
  6. revenue was not bad at all. the miss in earnings is just a superficial blemish in my opinion. but yes, i was surprised they missed after all the changes that have been made.
  7. have you looked at valuation lately? I think a lot is priced in for takeover, but as time goes by price may be hard to justify. Worth watching, it is forming a base at the top http://lauristonletter.blogspot.com/
  8. When they need to cover, where are they going to get their stocks?!
  9. possible bottom here. Anyone looking to get in on Monday ?
  10. you're joking right? Wait and see if their entire exchange goes down first. If it doesn't then maybe.

    Don't get me wrong, I agree this stock is a great long term buy/cash cow. But timing is everything. if I miss 10 points, oh well, in five years it'll be up over 200 (assuming hybrid isn't a complete flop)
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