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  1. breaking higher from small daily base
  2. yep. Very volatile. It could go to 125 or 85. Who knows.
  3. jsmooth


    I think this stock will test 110....(today/tues) i got in at 101.50 and had orders to sell at 103.45 (SDOT routed)...the stock was printing in the low 103.20's and my .45 orders got filled....that price action tells me its going higher....i'll be a buyer on the next pullback with stops somewhere below 100.50
  4. I am wondering ... did you buy?
  5. subban


    I bought this stock at $76. If CME can go to $500 hundred something, why not NYX? I also bought NMX, NYmex, but awfull at top the next day after ipo. I still think in long run both stocks should go past $150 mark.
  6. Its up nearly $8 right now & it looks like it could run for another $8 the way they are hyping and pumping this thing. GS has out a very bullish report today on NYX.
  7. Nice - hopefully are you still holding.
  8. Cramer mentioned this stock this week as being undervalued and the estimates
    for earnings as being too low

    maybe some people blindly follow his picks ?
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    you beat me too it....

    the thing is up because of cramer. Thats all, if he didnt come to save the day it would be trading at $93.00. Thank him for your rally today in NYX.
  10. Thanks, Cramer ... I almost pulled the trigger ....
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