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    Any predictions?
  2. mnx


    close up 50 cents above the opening price.

    just a wild guess.

  3. rofl went long 100 shares at 67, guy beside me says go for 5 bucks, and so far its the high of the day on arca... i take flukes!
  4. Surdo


    Lemme get out my mini violin.
    These old washed up seat owners like Ted Weissberg are "bittersweet". Send these old boys upstairs to The Luncheon Club for a few Bloody Bulls.

    If I got 6.3MM worth of stock and cash for my seat I would be thrilled. Remember a year ago NYSE seats were 1.2MM? If Thain did not do this deal with ARCA 11 Wall was ready to be converted to "The Buttonwood LOFT condos."

    These guys have a ton of extra cash now for acquisitions, CBOT or ICE are going to be in play soon.