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  1. This thing is self-propelled.
  2. the performance of these other exchanges has been astounding - up 200-800%. hard to see the NYX not doing well when run by the greediest, shrewdest (sp?), and well connected businessmen in the world.

    i bought 1000 and will hold until the first of these occurrences happen a) it breaks down below 69.00, b) 1 year, or c) i make 100k.
  3. Yeah, it's crazy. I was posting earlier this week, asking why the hell everyone wasn't buying AX
    I averaged in on some April 65 calls the last couple of days. (I couldn't sleep last night by the way). Now I am torn on whether or not to take the $ and run. Maybe I'll reduce my position a bit.
    A big part of me thinks this thing will blast past 100 by the 3rd Friday in April though. :)
  4. Quite a day. Of course it waited to go vertical until I had exited. Who did all that buying the last half hour anyway?
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    Did you really think the underwriters would let it flounder the first day?

    I was a bit worried about my options too, until it started creeping higher.
  6. I have to admit, this is the type of trading action that I've never been able to figure out ... I guess that's why I'm a system trader. Anyone could have bought all the AX they wanted and it would be converted to NYX on a share for share basis - so NYX wasn't really an IPO. The last few days AX had actually sold off and closed near its low yesterday. This seemed like a case where all the news was out, so I didn't see any reason why it would make a huge first day pop. As a total gamble I bought a small chunk of AX MOC yesterday, but I honestly thought it was 50/50 as to whether it would be a profitable trade. When the futures were down this morning, I assumed I was going to lose money on the trade ... go figure? I sold just below $75, so congrats to anyone that held to the close.


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    i bought the first pullback at 71 and sold at 80 (.60 cent stop on the buy this AM), I think its going higher but since I dont know I'm waiting for a pullback on a larger time frame to get long, I figured no need to get greedy $9k on a daytrade best I ever did on a single intra day trade lately.

    I agree tho, I'll definately have remorse if this thing goes to 200 :)

    probably gap up tommorow anyway
  8. I wish you had come to me and asked this.

    Anyway, great insight, and months ahead of the curve. Hope you made out great! Congrats!
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    Whats the conversion of AX shares into NYX shares?
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    unbelievable question.

    just send me a certified check for all the money you have in the market. after six months i will send you back 10 per cent of the check. you will thank me for putting money into your empty pocket.:D
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