NYX Marxists: We Prefer To Be Called 'Progressives'

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  1. Gabfly, Range Rover, and all the other progressive tit suckers, what do you guys prefer to be called?

    Posted on January 2, 2011 at 6:32am by Meredith Jessup

    At this Marxist school in New York City, students study Marx and revere Stalin. But don’t call them “socialists”; they prefer to be called “progressive.”

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  2. The new name is no labels. Watch for it. [​IMG]
  3. Typical, race obsessed crack pots. Everything was about race.. Yet, if the racial discourse doesn't match their version, you are a 'racist'. This is the most race obsessed group of people on the planet. At least this makes the "progressive" = marxist fact a bit more established.

  4. Who is funding this? Who is behind it?

  5. Rush Limbaugh mentioned them. Just look at their beliefs on abortion, gun control, etc. You'll see, they're just a bunch of leftists. Apparently, the word progressive is insufficient. [​IMG]
  6. Let's see...

    Would I rather be a forward thinking progressive, adapting to change and evolving...

    Or would I rather be a regressive thinker, wishing to go back to the stone age...

    The major fallacy of the thinking of the regressives is that we could possibly return to the way things were 100 years ago...

    Okay all you regressives, go back to outdoor plumbing, no internet, no air conditioning, etc.

    Wait...they will say, we want all of the technological advancement, but we want to return to the white male dominated society we once had.

    Interesting...male dominated society hundreds of years old in their thinking, devoid of any level of evolution. Living in the past...

    Sounds like the Muslim extremists...so yall klannish have that in common with the Muslim regressives...they too don't want to change with the advances in society...
  7. Obviously some lame assed stuff going on like faux caroling and awareness classes but shooting the economic and political sh*t over a game of poker and a beer seems not an unreasonable way to pass the time. Why the rejection of Marx folks he was only another economic and political theorist. :cool:
  8. Not so long ago, the attack was on the "Godless Communists."

    Seems that today we have no problem with the Godless Chinese autocratic dictatorship that is experimenting with some form of Capitalism.

    So it ain't about God...it is about Greed.

  9. China is a communist country, experimenting with mercantilism. It's not experimenting with capitalism at all, whatsoever.


  10. Tell you what, if I can call you degenerate greaseballs then I don't care what you call me, since thats what your best at anyway.
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